Meet Sarah

Change your Posture. Change your Life.

Changing your posture can alleviate chronic and acute pain and affect how you carry yourself in the world. It can impact your mindset, how you interact with life and how you feel about yourself.  With 14 years experience, Sarah Manley is a whole body alignment and movement specialist based in Los Angeles. In her private studio she will assess and treat your body’s needs through her vast knowledge, training, experience and intuition. She is trusted as a healer by her clientele and a as a teacher, educating her clients about their body’s and how to help themselves.

Sarah’s practice spans across several fitness and health modalities including Pilates(a refined approach), GST, PowerPlate, weight and cardio training, ergonomic integration, various myo-fascial release techniques as well as the energy healing practice of Healing Touch.  As a result of her dedication to these modalities she was able to heal herself of 17 years of chronic pain.  She never imagined this would be her profession and now she knows it is her calling. Therefore she is truly passionate about what she does and enjoys working with her devoted clientele sharing her “universal” wellness approach.

Come to TheBodyLabLA and experience how good you can look and feel!


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Knowledge is Power
and You Are Not Stuck

Your soft tissue: muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia system all work together to move your body (along with the nervous system). As they function together they develop patterns of movement, these patterns can become imbalanced through repetitive motions, surgery, injury, the way we hold stress in our body, etc.  If you continue to live and move and workout and sit with these imbalanced patterns they can cause pain and inflammation and become worse over time. I work to change these patterns to allow greater range of motion and alignment. This leads to less pain and more effective workouts.

I believe in order to provide relief and see greater results you need to do 3 things…

1) Unravel the muscular tension in your body  through releasing your fascia and the adhesions and inflammation that occur in it.

2) Educate you on how the body is meant to move, sit, walk, exercise. Teach you about the patterns you are prone to so you are equipped to do something about them with my help and on your own. I want you to feel empowered to deal with your pain and not be stuck in fear of it.

3) Give you a workout with an improved range of motion which allows you to access the muscles that have been unable to engage correctly. This in turn leads to a more effective workout that encourages proper posture and creates greater tone and shape of your body. Every session will be catered to your bodies needs and your specific goals.

I want you to love being and moving in your body.  I will help you reach your goals whether that be to get stronger, more flexible, toned or to get out of pain.  I want your body to exude confidence through it’s shape, posture and motion.


Why the body lab LA?

  • If your body is just not the same after an injury or surgery
  • If you live in chronic pain
  • If you’ve tried everything else and nothing helps
  • If you aren’t happy with your posture.
  • If you sit a lot
  • If you have a nagging pain that comes and goes.
  • If you have pain during your workouts
  • If you want to stand taller and be more toned.

The Buzz

“Sarah is beyond cool! My muffin top has disappeared thanks to Sarah’s brilliant training. She has helped me with hip and back issues as well, while strengthening my core. I even got rid of the cellulite on my thighs by having her train me on the power plate!! I went from muffins to six pack and beyond!”

Mary I
Emmy Winning Costume Designer, Age 44

“Sarah is phenomenally gifted and will completely CHANGE your body, by reshaping, strengthing and correcting posture.
I have tried everything under the sun… yoga classes, weightlifting, cardio, martial arts, boxing, spinning, you name it… absolutely nothing compares to spending an hour with her.
Sarah has established her own unique way of getting true results by inherently understanding the intricate functions of the body, and how it effects each connective muscle tissue.
I love working out on her power plate and pilates machines (cadillac and reformer) and can’t get enough of how it makes me feel.
Her kind, but encouraging demeanor is motivating and inspiring.
I am so grateful to have found Sarah.”

Brook L
Screen Writer, Age 30

“I started seeing Sarah in 2007…my first introduction to Pilates.  She was able to shape my body and posture in a way I didn’t know was possible. You see, I was walking on an arthritic hip for over 40 years and had not addressed my unbalanced body and pain.  Sarah worked miracles by defining muscles I didn’t know I had!  My core is strong and my muscles were ready for the hip replacement I eventually needed to have.
All these year’s later, and Sarah is not just my Pilates instructor, she is my body healer.”

Elizabeth S
Product Development, Age 50

“Sarah is a body God! I have been going to Sarah since December 2014. I have double hip replacements and a newly replaced knee. Sarah changed the way I walk, helped me understand body alignment, helped me strengthen my core and understand how to position myself and control my movements. Before Sarah I couldn’t walk 1 block, now I just got back from vacation where I was walking all day and climbing up inclines and steps.
This was after only 2 months. What will happen in 5 months?
She has also helped me with exercises in the pool. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher than I could recommend Sarah. If you are having body problems let Sarah help you.”

Bob M
Media Executive, Age 70

“I have never enjoyed working out in my life until I started taking classes at Beyond Your Core, now known as The Body Lab LA.  Sarah is the most amazing trainer I’ve worked with. She literally works every muscle in your body, while making it an incredibly fun experience.  I know every person’s physique is different, but I started to notice remarkable results within the first month.
Most trainers do not have the Power Plate….Using this modern machine, combined with pilates is the ultimate workout. I highly recommend you pick up the phone and make an appointment. It totally changed my life!”

Shanna K
Costume Designer, Age 49

“Sarah has been my trainer for the last seven years. Her knowledge of the body combined with her approach to training that starts with an emphasis on proper form, strengthening, and stretching, is like no other. Her workouts are unique, varied, and continually progressive. There really isn’t anyone as good as her.”

Nick F
Talent Manage, Age 43

“I continue to be amazed at the drastic changes Sarah can bring to my posture in an hour of body work. A career spent hunched over a computer’s keyboard and tapping on a mobile phone has caused a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders, and chest. Sarah has helped to reduce neck pain, add mobility to my shoulders, and open my chest…all of which have helped improve my posture. Her clear, descriptive, and encouraging instructions make the time spent with her rewarding and rejuvenating.”

Adam A
College Administrator, Age 37

“Sarah has made me think in a different way about exercise and my body.  I am now conscious of my posture and movement in my daily life. She does not just teach a form of exercise, mindlessly counting reps, she teaches you a new way of being in your body.  Educating you about your muscles and bones and how they should interact and move your body and how the breath helps to facilitate this process.  It is fascinating.  My mind and body are completely engaged during our session. Whenever I come in with an ache or pain I always leave with it relieved. I consistently work up a sweat and I am so much stronger.”

Jessica K
Student, Age 22

“Sarah is very gifted in her ability to understand the body and is an exceptional trainer.  She is challenging and motivating.
I have asked her very specifically to target certain places and I have seen real results.
Some people can lead you through “exercises” but Sarah knows the the relationship between all aspects of the body.   It’s not enough to go through the motions.  She is super intuitive about form and how to shape a body.  My goal is to look like her and if that isn’t inspiring, what is?”

Stephanie R
Talent Agent, Age 42

“The most noticeable and significant results Sarah brought to my body using her swift and targeted approach are my visibly relaxed shoulders, elongated neck and newly uncramped happy toes and feet.
Decades of stress, my daily wear of high heels and consistent running and hiking uphill, (absent of proper stretching and posture), had left my shoulders in a permanent state of tension – hunched up and hiding my neck. My toes and feet were predictably cramping in the evenings when I removed my shoes.
Today, Sarah and I routinely marvel at my astounding physical change. I have incorporated her techniques into my daily life.
Sarah’s unique ability to pinpoint and address critical areas for improvement will lead to your overall wellness and empowerment!”

Lisa C
Packaging Sales, Age 44

“I went to Sarah in agony from sciatica that was really affecting my life. Within an hour she had opened my hips and back up to a point where the pain was 90% gone and stayed gone until my next session a week later. Going deeper the second session, activating all those muscles that didn’t know how to fire and relax the muscles that over do it day in day out. Her website doesn’t do her work justice. Best physical therapy session I have ever had and I’ve been going to different people all over the planet.”

Anthony W
Actor, Age 44

“I’ve seen Sarah for back pain, and weak core muscles that are adding to structural pain. She is excellent and knows the body really well, including the bones, muscles, and movement patterns. We met in Shiatsu Massage School, and since then I’ve become a client, I see that she is hungry for knowledge, and is well trained in several modalities, including Pilates, massage, and myo-fascial release to name a few. When I work with her, I have fun, and feel that I am effectively able to tap into areas of my body that need to strengthen. She has helped me develop muscles I wasn’t even aware existed.
Also, she makes the sessions fun and is very encouraging and light-hearted. I recommend checking her out. Also- good rates for everything offered!! She’s the real deal.”

Katherine K
Reiki Master and Masseuse, Age 37



11020 Ventura Blvd . Suite G . Studio City . 91604
(near Ventura and Vineland)

Sarah’s work should not substitute the care of your physician, it is intended to be complementary. Sarah’s sessions do not include diagnosis or predictions.

* Please note that Sarah is not a liscensed physical therapist, however what she does involves rehabilitation and can go beyond what physical therapy provides.  She has many clients who come to her after or during physical therapy to find relief they didn’t get through physical therapy. Sarah looks at the body as a whole and how it is connected to create healing and lasting change.

There is a marked parking spot available directly in front of the studio.

Please be aware that if you need to cancel your appointment we require 24 hours notice in order not to be charged for scheduled appointment.